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Two questions about: 1) engine oil and 2) choke
Hey everyone - 

I've just got my first bike, a[attachment=163] 1994 SRV250 - she's a beauty!

Ok question number 1:
I noticed the dipstick on the oil cap is missing.. can this be replaced with a standard 2-stroke engine cap or something like that? Can't find anything online and it didn't come with a service (or any other kind of) manual..

Also what type of engine oil do we put in these bikes?
SAE 20W-40? I live in a place that gets really cold in winter and really hot in summer..

Question number 2:
I bought the bike with the choke disconnected and removed Sad
Can't find any aftermarket choke mechanisms online for this particular bike.. Is there an alternative choke that could be used for the SRV250? Like maybe one from a Virago or something??

Any advice appreciated, ta!

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Hi and Welcome to the forums. Nice bike! Same color and year as my first bike!

To be honest, I think the replies that you received in the Facebook group pretty much cover the bases for your questions.

There are no dipsticks on the oil caps of these bikes, try to use the oil recommended in the service manual for your temperature range and I would recommend definitely replacing your choke cable. These bikes can be pretty stubborn on cold mornings! Another thing I learned the hard way - make sure the carb heater wires (yellow and black) are solidly connected! Mine worked themselves loose one winter and the bike started dying when I stopped in traffic unless I kept the revs up.

There are manuals available in the forums here as well as in the Facebook group, so take a look and see if they help out. Let us know if you have any other questions.
My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R
Thanks so much - everyone has been so helpful so far on here and on the Facebook group Smile It's a great community!
I've managed to find a manual online which is really useful and I'll read through it carefully.

Will definitely check out the carb heater wires too, because yeah my bike dies whenever I'm stationary..
Then floods when I try to restart. Then battery went flat... haha so yeh it's been an adventure so far but I've only ridden about 5 kms without a hitch!
All good, part of getting to know my bike Smile

So it turns out my choke does exists but is a makeshift mechanism - two washers at either end of some wire near the top right hand side of the engine. Have you heard of this kind of fix before?

Thanks heaps again Smile
Never heard of that kind of quick fix on an SRV, but it's not surprising.  Simply finding the right length choke cable should do the job, it is just a standard cable.
The part number for the original is: 4dn-26330-00.  In a quick search, I didn't find the length but there appear to be some for sale here and there.

If your bike hasn't been maintained very well by the previous owner, I would recommend taking off the side panels and seat, getting yourself access to as much of the engine and electricals as possible and cleaning, checking, and tightening everything you can.  Check the plugs to see what color they are and make sure the plug wires are nice and snug. (Don't over-tighten the plugs when you put them back in.)  Make sure the battery connections are very clean and snug.  Also check the connection on the starter to make sure it isn't overly rusty or dirty.

This will also give you an opportunity to really get to know your bike.  If you find anything that seems strange, ask in one of the forums and I'm sure somebody can help you out.
My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R

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