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Bobbed SRV's
And here is a picture of the SRV250 I want to model mine after.  I like the Bobber look and think it fits this bike perfectly.  I'll have a post in the tech forums on my bobber project as I go through it.

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Let's see some of those Bob jobs here.  You know there are some good ones out there.
Here's another beauty I found today while surfing for seats.

[Image: main.jpg]
Here's a few more pics of that sweet little red and grey bobber.  I'm trying to track down who did the work on it hoping that I can get some parts from them. (Especially the front header.)  Anyway, no luck so far.

[Image: hagz1_1390709582.jpg]
[Image: hagz2_1390709582.jpg]
[Image: hagz3_1390709582.jpg]
(01-16-2015, 10:49 PM)Chief_Mechanic Wrote: Just to check in.  The front header is stock, he's just got it running to the right side.  I assume he cut the curve off of it then found a slip on that would fit.  I'm still searching for those pipes or something similar. As well as a battery box and saddle seat.
Here's a fantastic Bobbed SRV I found on Instagram.  I can't get the pics to show here, so I'll have to settle for posting links.

Check em out!

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