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Aussie SRV250 Restoration Project
I purchased a well used Yamaha SRV250 for a project bike three months ago and two months ago I started restoring it. The project is almost completed now with just some paintwork & minor details to finish but I thought I'd detail the process I've been through here.

This is the bike as I purchased it.

[Image: 001_zpsp5bbvy4j.jpg]

[Image: 002_zpslifzyk1q.jpg]

The bike had some accident damage on the right side and was fairly weathered from 20 years of use.

[Image: 026_zpszuceaon9.jpg]

[Image: 029_zpsb8njhimm.jpg]

[Image: 032_zps4f7wdxvk.jpg]

[Image: 023_zpsi4bjp70r.jpg]

[Image: 025_zpst5kpvug4.jpg]

[Image: 022_zpsm14vwhcb.jpg]

[Image: 038_zpsjh0xaxo4.jpg]

[Image: 033_zpsnurevlf6.jpg]
I started the restoration process by removing everything from the steering head forward:-

[Image: P4080050_zpsayqsmccy.jpg]

[Image: P5010092_zpsg8adni9k.jpg]

[Image: P5010094_zpsjrbagtle.jpg]

The gauge covers were replaced and new instrument damper rubbers fitted.

[Image: P5010120_zps0yjw13ud.jpg]

The lower fork legs were hand polished.

[Image: P5240589_zpss5b755r9.jpg]

The front hub & spokes were repainted.

[Image: P5190545_zpsthuydpyv.jpg]

New Bushes & seals were fitted to the forks, the front brake caliper was overhauled & a new disc fitted. The speedo drive was replaced and a new speedo cable fitted. New inner & outer headlights rims were fitted, one indicator lens was replaced, new mirrors were fitted and the brake master cylinder overhauled. The triple trees were repainted and everything else was cleaned & polished as required before being re-assembled.

[Image: P5250603_zpspujgottx.jpg]

[Image: P5250600_zpsajoy5eba.jpg]

[Image: P5250595_zpspkgls56a.jpg]

[Image: P5290669_zps7nldhodl.jpg]
[Image: P5290677_zpswd01wsbk.jpg]

The brake mastercylinder, bar end weights & clutch perch were repainted with gloss black enamel and the handlebar switchgear was touched up with satin black by brush. New handlebar grips and a new brake lever were fitted.

The carbies were removed, stripped down, thoroughly cleaned and re-assembled.

[Image: P5100342_zpshywo4y9t.jpg]

[Image: P6080772_zpsurav1sra.jpg]

All of the exhaust components were thoroughly cleaned and polished.

[Image: P5110452_zpsmjyocs8h.jpg]

[Image: P5120457_zpsckgzb69s.jpg]

[Image: P5110455_zpsabewuhl0.jpg]

The engine was removed and thoroughly cleaned before removing all of the external casings.

[Image: P5140478_zps7sawgb39.jpg]

With the engine removed the engine bay was thoroughly cleaned.

[Image: P5150490_zpsi46qxnka.jpg]

The engine was then prepared for painting and masked up.

[Image: P5280623_zpsbhcatmok.jpg]
I used Dupli-Color engine enamel to paint the engine, first giving it several coats of primer.

[Image: P5280643_zpsrq66yf45.jpg]

Followed by several coats of Aluminium engine enamel.

[Image: P5280664_zpssnly15jy.jpg]

All of the external engine covers were then polished by hand.

[Image: P5220571_zpsr6d5qzxx.jpg]

[Image: P6020720_zps5xeumb4n.jpg]

[Image: P6020733_zps9fj4jqhr.jpg]

The covers were then re-fitted along with a new set of intake manifolds.

[Image: P6130788_zpspj7yza6t.jpg]

[Image: P6130778_zpsemc6ry3i.jpg]
A new rear mudguard was fitted & the rear wheel, swing-arm & shockers were then removed.

[Image: P6140807_zps8olpyesr.jpg]

The swing-arm, side & centre stands etc were then prepared for painting.

[Image: P6140818_zps28nmfxjh.jpg]

The swing-arm was painted and refitted along with a good used set of rear shockers that I bought from Japan.

[Image: P6160822_zpstm6kkoms.jpg]

The rear wheel was in far better shape than the front wheel and only required a good clean & polish. New rear brake shoes were fitted along with a new rear sprocket.

[Image: P6200854_zpsay6iamzi.jpg]

[Image: P6200856_zpsmehnrswo.jpg]

The side & centre stands were painted with gloss black enamel & refitted.

[Image: P6220887_zps6i23pocj.jpg]

The engine was then refitted.

[Image: P6260913_zpsqjfor6vq.jpg]

[Image: P6260915_zps5rdxtvcx.jpg]

[Image: P6260901_zpsj0b0cv57.jpg]
I still have to get the front mudguard and exhaust/footpeg hangers repainted but I am having difficulty finding somebody local that can match the Empress Maroon paint.

I decided to temporarily fit the tank, seat, side covers & exhaust to see what the project was looking like overall:-

[Image: P6270929_zpss7enu4pq.jpg]

[Image: P6270928_zpsovgxph5j.jpg]

[Image: P6270935_zpsudeef4wy.jpg]

[Image: P6270932_zpscftceqzu.jpg]

[Image: P6270934_zpsttrzky5u.jpg]

I still have to paint and fit the number plate bracket and fit the drive chain but I will have plenty of time to do that while I'm waiting for the mudguard & exhaust brackets to be painted.
Welcome to the forums and thanks for the great post.

Beautiful restore. Can't wait to see the finished product.
(06-30-2015, 08:57 AM)Chief_Mechanic Wrote: Welcome to the forums and thanks for the great post.

Beautiful restore. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Thank you for the welcome and your appreciation of my efforts. I too cannot wait to see the finished product and I will post pictures of the completed project here as soon as the job is done.
After three months this project is finally completed with the bike being registered on the road yesterday.

[Image: P8041408_zps5pgvzryt.jpg]

[Image: P8041411_zpsb8nphzf2.jpg]

[Image: P8041412_zpsgxc990ye.jpg]

[Image: P8041418_zpszd4yd7xq.jpg]

[Image: P8041420_zpsayydicrx.jpg]

[Image: P8041422_zpslrbb2kfj.jpg]

[Image: P8041423_zpsyjmr30ay.jpg]

[Image: P8041425_zpsenbr02cn.jpg]

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