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G'day from Australia
Hi from Perth Western Oz. Middle aged motorbike fan. Currently ride a 2015 Triumph Tiger 800XCx which sees a lot of dirt.
I have just bought (rescued) a lovely 1994 SRV Classic.
Metalic green (forgot the real colour name, I'll have to look it up) 17,000km and never modified, which is why l say rescued.
The paintwork on the tank and side covers is in fantastic condition for a 23yr old bike, just a couple of chips to touch up on the tank.
The frame is ok but will be getting stripped and repainted the exact same green.
When this happens it will be off to the chrome factory for all shiny bits and the engune externals will get a good clean and polish.
It may get some flatter bars and if l can get my hands on another original seat l will have it re-shaped.
I refuse to cut, chop or hack any part of the bike to make it look like a hipsters wet dream.
Original is best.
That's the good news.
The bad news is its on the other side of the country in a family's shed and l won't be having it shipped here until next year, February at the earliest. 
So hello to all 22 of you, I'm #23.
I'll work on getting a pic up, same as my avatar.


Anyone here from Osaka?
Hey Otto,

Welcome to the forum!  Sad to say, but there isn't much action around here these days.  I'm hoping to get more people involved but it's a pretty rare bike and I'm balls-to-wall at work so haven't had much time to promote the site.

We've had some nice posts from Australia, especially this Restoration Project. Look forward to seeing your bike as well.

Hope you find some useful info here.  Let me know if you find any problems or anything with the forum - or have any recommendations for improvement.

My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R
Thanks Chief, don't happen to have one of those seats laying around still do you?
(12-02-2017, 09:30 PM)Otto Zen Wrote: Thanks Chief, don't happen to have one of those seats laying around still do you?

Yeah, actually I still have both of them.  If you are interested, I will try to post some pictures on Monday in the Marketplace post where I originally mentioned them.
My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R
Turns out mine really is a classic.
Number 20 of the production line, matching frame and engine numbers. Both ending 120.
I'll go first.
Thanks Chief for you twin carby, lumpy cam determination with this SRV250 forum.

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Nice looking ride - very clean.

Let us know your first impressions when you get it.
My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R

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