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Jetting Discussion Thread
Post your discussions of Jetting and Carburetor work here.

Try to be as detailed as possible for anybody looking for help or trying to help you.
Just picked this up off the Web and thought I would drop it here:



Translation: I think I'll put in larger main jets.  Probably 122.5's.  I saw on the Net that when you just change to power air filters, that should be good enough.

Here's a picture of the pod filters he put on:
[Image: DSCN0331.JPG?d=a7]
Here's another good site by a guy trying different main jets after installing pod filters.

He went with #120 (Mikuni 100/604) in the end, after trying #117.5 and #122.5.
My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R
My Jetting trials and tribulations:

Well, after like 3 years of only being fired up once, I went with #120's according to what I'd seen around the Net.  I've got pod filters on it and am running only the headers as an exhaust.  I figured air flow is going to be a hell of a lot higher, but thought jumping from #97.5 to #122 was pretty extreme - hell, I'm worried #120 might be a bit too much.

I finally got her to start up and it barely idled.  Ran like shit, with a massive lag in throttle response - meaning a little twist and it jumped up the R's like I was just dumping gasoline into cylinders. It was popping and swearing and generally not having a good time.  I need to get the wheels back on it and get it out into the open so I can take a better look at it.  I'll get that done tomorrow. (Finally got the wheel bearings all installed today.)

I'll post more details of how this go as I work on it.
My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R

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