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Parts Box 1
Recently I cleaned out my bike shack and went through my parts box.  There were a number of parts I probably won't be using and I thought I'd post them here to see if anybody could use them.  If you are interested in anything shown here, post a comment and I'll post more information and/or pictures.

Since there is a 5 attachment limit on each post, I will post the pics in replies below.

Clicking on a picture will show a larger version.

My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R
                    Parts Box 2
My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R
Part Box 3
My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R
Parts box 4
My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R
Parts Box 5
My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R
(08-23-2018, 09:06 PM)Exhaust cover Wrote: Hi Chief, how much are you wanting for the exhaust cover?
Okay, so I finally got the time to look up the going rate for the parts that people expressed interest in.  I also took more detailed pictures for each item.  (I noticed I had included an exhaust guard for my Ninja in the above pics as well.)

Here are the prices I've decided on (in Yen, so you'll need to convert to your local currency.)  They are negotiable but best offer will take the item.  These prices do not include shipping or any fees resulting from payment (such as PayPal charges.) Shipping and other fees will be added as per the actual cost (no mark up.)

Side covers - ¥4,000 for the set
Front heat guard - ¥2,000 for two pieces
Meters (Gauges) - ¥3,000 sold as a set
Pillion Bar (Rear Fender Stay) - ¥2,000

Please carefully read the relevant posts below which describe each part in detail before contacting me about a purchase.  If you do want to make a purchase, please contact me via private message.
My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R
The heat guard for right side exhaust pipe is a 2 part unit.  As you can see in the picture, the chrome on the outer unit has spot rust on it and the inner side also has rust around the bolt holes.  It's not all that serious though and could probably be sanded off then treated to stop any further degradation.

The inner unit has some pretty serious rust on the inner side.  The bands which go around the exhaust pipe will need to be replaced.  I had to cut the bolt and the rear band to remove the guard from the pipe.

My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R
The gauges on this bike were operational when I removed them.  However, the trip odometer reset knob completely rotted off.  It may still be salvageable and will be included with set.  The rubber around both meters is very fragile and on the speedometer it came apart as in the pic below.  There's a little dent in the speedometer casing as shown.

I'm posting the cups below, but please let me know if you want the whole set or just the cups.  (Same price at this point.)

My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R
The side covers are in pretty decent shape.  I'm pretty sure the Castrol sticker is hiding some scratches though. (It was on the bike when I got it.)  Most other blemishes should be able to be buffed out. If the color seems a bit light, it's just because I was trying to get the best shot on my phone.  They are both the standard "Empress Maroon" that came on the 4DN2.


My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R

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