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First Run of The Year - 2019
Okay, this wasn't on my SRV, but I still wanted to post a ride report showing my favorite two hours of twisties.

Last day of my vacation and I finally managed to force some time for myself to join in the Japanese tradition of "The First add anything here of the year."  I got my first run in and it has been a couple of months. (My bike let me know by the battery just being strong enough to turn it over.)

The weather was cloudy and cold (about 10C) but the roads were dry as it was sunny yesterday.  Here's a link to my favorite stress release:  Nagasaki Twisties

This route will take you up behind the town of Omura in Nagasaki for anywhere from an hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours of riding.  It goes by 3 different dams and stays in the mountains for almost the entire time.  There are only a few places where the roads are narrow enough to be considered one-lane (by Japanese standards.)

I had a great ride and definitely didn't feel any cobwebs.  Concentrated on good lines through the corners and felt I was able to up my average cornering speed.

When I got back I topped off my tank with Hi-octane and then washed and waxed the bike.  The weather is gonna start getting cold now, so I probably won't be riding for a while.

Now if I can just motivate myself to get my SRV back up and running!!!!
My Bikes: SRV250, Ninja 250R

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