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Service Manuals And User Manuals / サービス・マニュアル
Here's a copy of the English Service Manual for the SRV250G (I believe 1994 model)
It's been around the web for a while and isn't a very good scan, but it is the only service manual that I've found so far.

Attached Files
.pdf   Yamaha 1994 SRV250G Service Manual.pdf (Size: 7.85 MB / Downloads: 133)
Here is the English Owner's manual for the SRV250G - Also from the net.

Attached Files
.pdf   1995 SRV250 G.pdf (Size: 1.65 MB / Downloads: 23)
You can download free copies of various Owner's Manuals from here:

My Bike

You can also download these manuals and a parts list from here:

SRV Service Manual on Google Drive

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